Advice for Parents & Guardians

  1. Never force a child to play soccer. Have realistic expectation of their skills and don’t put your child under undue pressure.
  2. Remember the game is for the child and not for the adult.
  3. Inform the Manager/Coach of any problem or ailment that may effect the safety of the child, and of others.
  4. Ensure your child attends training and matches on time, and that safe arrangements are in place for your child traveling to and from home.
  5. Always show respect for all players, opponents, managers, coaches and officials.
  6. Show good example, don’t taunt, boo or use profane language.
  7. Give praise for playing fairly and making good effort.
  8. Help coaches when you see the need. Offers of help are alway appreciated.
  9. Accept disappointment and don’t criticise your child or others for any mistake.
  10. Respect the decisions of managers and coaches. Leave the tactics and coaching to them. Never question, confront or question managers/coaches or officials. If you wish to discuss an issue arrange a time and venue for a discussion.
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