Club Rules

  1. All members and representative are required to abide by the club’s code of conduct.
  2. All incidents involving players or representatives of the club should be reported to the club secretary within 24 hours. In particular incidents involving red cards, serious incidents that require medical treatment, or any incident concerning the well being and safety of individuals should be reported to the club secretary immediately.
  3. Team managers are responsible for the safe keeping of all club gear and equipment.
  4. Any person would wilfully damages or neglects club property will be liable for its replacement.
  5. When dealing with underage players, The F.A.I. Code of Ethics, which has been adapted by this club, must be followed.
  6. A minimum of 2 adults must be in charge of an underage team at all times.
  7. When representing the club, teams must wear the club gear and have it in good order. Without proper Thomastown United shorts and socks players will not be allowed to play for their team. Shin guards are compulsory for both matches and training and players are not allowed to wear jewellery while playing or training.
  8. School boy/girl players must play in their own age group unless no team exists in that age group. In certain circumstances the club may waive application of this rule.
  9. Teams must train and play on pitches as allocated by the club.
  10. The club membership fee must be paid in accordance with the rates and arrangements as agreed by the club’s committee. Team Managers are responsible for ensuring that all players are properly registered and have paid their membership.
  11. Where the club membership is not paid it will be deemed that the said player has made himself/herself ineligible to play for the club.
  12. The club’s committee has the right to rule on any issues that are not covered in the rules. Any disputes regarding the interpretation of club rules shall be determined by an EGM or AGM.
  13. All initial medical expenses incurred as a result of a club approved activity will be dealt with by the club on receipt of the relevant fees. Futher expenses are at the club’s discretion.
  14. All players, coaches and managers are expected to compete fairly. Those who are found guilty of violent behavior, foul or abusive language or deliberate dangerous play will face disciplinary action by the club and or the league.
  15. Those found responsible by the club, the Kilkenny and District League or the F.A.I. of bringing the game or club into disrepute will be liable for whatever fines imposed by the above mentioned.
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