2014/15 Results

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A Team

(TUFC score displayed first)
20/08Spa UtdPat Maher ShieldAway3-1David Kavanagh (2), Nathan Sherry
24/08Callan Utd ALeagueAway3-2Nathan Sherry, Andy Kavanagh, Mick O'Neill
27/08BrookvillePat Maher ShieldHome5-0Mick O'Neill (2), CJ Browne, Barry Whelan, Tim Cummins
21/09New Ross CelticLeinster Junior CupHome3-1Mick O'Neill, David Kavanagh, CJ Browne
05/10New Oak Boys FcFai Junior CupHome6-0Steven Connolly (3), Nathan Sherry, Mark Delahunty, David Kavanagh
12/10Crettyard FcFai Junior CupHome0-1
19/10Fort RangersPat Maher Shield Q/FHome5-0Marty Lawrence (3), Sean Brennan, Mick O'Neill
02/11Newpark Fc ALeagueHome3-0Cj Browne (2), Mick O'Neill
09/11Spa UtdLeagueHome3-1Steven Connolly (2), Barry Whelan
16/11Greenhills/GreenparkLeinster Junior CupAway2-5Steven Connolly (2)
30/11Evergreen ALeagueHome1-0Steven Connolly
06/12Lions Fc ALeagueAway3-1Andy Kavanagh, Nathan Sherry, CJ Browne
14/12Bridge Utd ALeagueHome2-0Dessie Walsh, Mick O'Neill
04/01Bridge Utd ALeagueAway2-0Dessie Walsh, Mark Delahunty
11/01Freebooters ALeagueAway1-1Marty Lawrence
25/01Evergreen BLeagueHome3-0Nathan Sherry, Mick O'Neill, Sean Brennan
01/02Stoneyford FcPat Maher Shield S/FAway3-1Kelvyn Skehan, Derek Brennan, Mick O'Neill
08/02Newpark Fc ALeagueAway2-1Sean Brennan, Barry Whelan
22/02Evergreen ALeagueAway0-1
08/03Lions Fc ALeagueHome4-0Derek Brennan, Mick O'Neill, David Kavanagh, Sean Brennan
22/03Freshford Town AMcCalmount CupHome3-0Walkover
29/03Freebooters ALeagueHome6-0Mick O'Neill (3), David Prendergast, David Kavanagh, Steven Connolly
04/04Evergreen APat Maher Shield FinalDerdimus1-2 aetDavid Kavanagh
11/04Bridge Utd A Last 16 McCalmount CupAway3-2Mick O'Neill, David Kavanagh, Steven Connolly
19/04Callan Utd ALeagueHome4-1Steven Connolly, Mick O'Neill, Eamon Lester, Dessie Walsh
26/04Evergreen BLeagueAway4-1Steven Connolly, Dessie Walsh, Kelvyn Skehan, David Prendergast
29/04Spa UtdLeagueAway3-0Mick O'Neill, David Kavanagh, Steven Connolly
03/05Callan Utd AMcCalmount Cup Q/FHome3-0Dessie Walsh (2), Andy Kavanagh
10/05Evergreen AMcCalmount Cup S/FCastlecomer2-4Steven Connolly, Mick O'Neill

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B Team

(TUFC score displayed first)
24/08Newpark Fc BLeagueHome1-0OG
31/08Fort Rangers LeagueAway0-1
19/10TullaroanLeagueAway1-5Kelvyn Skehan
26/10Clover Utd ALeagueHome3-0Brian Donnolly (3)
23/11Newpark Fc BLeagueAway3-0Brian Donnolly (2), Marty Lawrence
30/11BrookvilleLeagueAway3-1Kelvyn Skehan, Brian Donnolly, Rory Leadbetter
06/12TullaroanLeagueHome1-1Brian Donnolly (pen)
28/12Fort RangersLeagueHome2-0Brian Donnolly, David Prendergast
04/01Stoneyford FcLeagueHome1-1Liam Kirk
25/01Freshford TownLeagueHome2-2Brian Donnolly (2)
08/02Clover Utd ALeagueAway0-3
15/02Stoneyford FcLeagueAway2-6Rory Leadbetter, David Kavanagh
22/02Freshford TownLeagueAway1-4Danny McDonald
01/03BrookvilleLeagueHome6-0Brian Donnelly (2), Adam Butler (2), David Kavanagh, Pauric Caulfield
22/03Bridge Utd BMcCalmount CupHome3-0Walkover
13/04Stoneyford FcMcCalmount CupAway1-3Brian Cummins
17/04Stoneyford FcDivision 1 CupAway3-4Richie Walsh, Brian Cummins, Danny McDonald

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C Team

DateOppositionCompetitionHome/AwayScore Scorers
19/10St JohnsLeagueHome2-4Russell O'Brien, John Dempsey
26/10Clover Utd BLeagueHome1-6Tim Cummins
02/11Ballacolla FcLeagueAway0-8
09/11St AnnesLeagueAway2-4Shane O'Neill, Cathal O'Neill
16/11Castlewarren CelticLeagueAway3-3Cathal O'Neill, John Dempsey, Adam Doran
23/11Ballacolla FcLeagueHome2-3John Dempsey, Aaron Kehoe
30/11St AnnesLeagueHome1-2Adam Doran
07/12Callan Utd BLeagueAway0-3
28/12Castlewarren CelticLeagueHome3-2Pauric Caulfield (2), John Dempsey
04/01Highview AthLeagueHome1-5Tim Cummins
15/02Freshford Town BLeagueHome3-0Walk-Over

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(TUFC score displayed first)
06/12Newpark FcLeagueHome5-1Tim Cummins (4), Danny Monks
27/12Freebooters FcLeagueHome 4-4Tim Cummins, Danny Monks, Adam Butler, Aaron Kehoe
24/01Newpark FcShieldHome2-1Danny Monks, Tim Cummins
07/02Callan UtdLeagueAway2-6
14/02Callan UtdShield S/FHome0-2
28/02Freebooters FcLeagueAway0-4

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(TUFC score displayed first)

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(TUFC score displayed first)
13/09Deen CelticLeagueHome2-0David Griffin, OG
11/10Carrick UtdSFAI CupAway1-0David Griffin
25/10Clonmel CelticSFAI CupHome2-0Rory Monks, Colm Whelan
08/11Evergreen ALeagueHome2-1Rory Monks, Brian Staunton
22/11Gorey RangersSFAI CupHome3-3 (7-8) penosBrian Staunton (2), Stevie Wemyss
06/12Freshford TownLeagueHome4-1Colm Whelan (2), Rory Monks (2)
20/12Castlewarren CelticLeagueAway9-0David Griffin (2), Rory Monks (2), Jack Cullen (2), Stevie Wemyss, Daithi Barron & OG
17/01Freebooters ALeagueHomeAbandoned
31/01Evergreen BLeagueAway3-0Nathan Cullen, Colm Whelan (2)
16/02Freebooters BLeagueAway4-3Brian Staunton (3), Eoin Keneally
28/02BrookvilleLeagueHome GC9-0Brian Staunton (3), Stevie Wemyss (2), David Griffin (2), Jack Cullen, Daithi Barron
14/03OrmandvillaLeagueAway2-1Rory Monks, Brian Staunton

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(TUFC score displayed first)
20/09Southend UtdLeagueHome4-1Jack Barcoe (3), Colm Whelan
04/10North End Utd SFAI CupAway0-6
25/10Paulstown 06LeagueAway6-2Shane Maher (3), Jack Barcoe (2), Ned Kirwan
01/11BrookvilleLeagueAway7-1Jack Barcoe (3), Cathal Jordan (2), Eddie Dunne (2)
29/11FreebootersLeagueHome3-0Ned Kirwan, Jack Barcoe, Adam Farrell
13/12Evergreen BLeagueAway8-1Jack Barcoe (3), Colm Whelan (2), Darragh O'Keeffe, Sean O'Connell, Ben Savage
27/12Evergreen ALeagueHome4-1Colm Whelan (3), Jack Baroce
10/01Clover UtdLeagueAway6-1Colm Whelan (2), Jack Barcoe, Shane Maher, David Blanchfield, Ben Savage
24/01Callan UtdLeagueHome3-1

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U-16 Girls

(TUFC score displayed first)

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(TUFC score displayed first)
11/10Peake VillaSFAI CupHome2-0Cian McCormack, Peter Connellan
25/10Deen CelticLeagueAway0-2
08/11North End UtdSFAI CupAway2-4
06/12Clover UtdLeague Div 2Away2-2
13/12Callan Utd League Div 2Away2-1
13/12Evergreen League Div 1Away1-1
20/12East End Utd ALeague Div 1Home2-3
17/01Castlewarren CelticLeague Div 2Home4-2
14/03Lions FcLeague Div 1Home1-0
14/03Highview AthLeague Div 2Home1-5

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(TUFC score displayed first)
20/09Highview AthLeagueAway3-0Zach Bay Hammond (2), Tom Holden
04/10Cashel TownSFAI CupAway8-0Ger Prentice (2), Zach Bay Hammond (2), Danny Middleton, Edmund Fitzpatrick, Andy Deveraux, Cillian Lawrence
18/10Bansha CelticSFAI CupAway1-2OG
18/10Bridge UtdDiv 2 LeagueHome0-5
01/11Newpark FcLeagueHome2-2P Connellan, Danny Middleton
01/11Evergreen CityDiv 2 LeagueAway2-2B Tennyson, M Sheehy
29/11Stoneyford FcDiv 2 LeagueHome (GC)1-7
29/11East End UtdLeagueHome (GC)4-1Gerard Prentice, Cillian Lawrence, Ed Fitzpatrick, Andy Devereux
27/12Stoneyford FcLeagueAway6-2
10/01East End UtdLeagueAway2-0
10/01Evergreen UtdDiv 2 LeagueHome3-1
24/01Highview AthLeagueHome (GC)2-2
24/01Fort Rangers Div 2 LeagueAway0-1

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U-14 Girls

(TUFC score displayed first)
25/10FreebootersLeagueAway5-0Eva Hynes (4), Ellen Molloy
08/11EvergreenFAI CupAway2-1
22/11UCL HarpsFAI CupHome4-6
06/12Bridge UtdLeagueAway5-1
14/03FreebootersLeagueHome3-0Cliodhna Donnelly (2), Eva Hynes

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(TUFC score displayed first)
13/09Lions FcLeagueAway2-2Niall Skehan, Zach Bay Hammond
11/10Courtown HibsSFAI CupHome11-0Casper Konopka (3), Ray Lawson (2), Zach Bay Hammond (2), Luke Skehan, Niall Skehan, Luke Connellan, OG
25/10Peake VillaSFAI CupHome2-2 aet (4-2) pensRay Lawson, Zach Bay Hammond
08/11Deen CelticLeagueAway4-3
06/12St PatricksSFAI CupAway9-0
17/01EvergreenLeagueAway2-1Zach Bay Hammond
31/01St Kevins BoysSFAI Cup Last 32Home0-1
14/03Bridge UtdLeagueHome4-3

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(TUFC score displayed first)
20/09Lions FcGroup A LeagueAway6-0David Holden (2), Cian Murphy, Patrick O'Neill, Robert Power, Ellen Molloy
04/10Evergreen AGroup A LeagueHome2-3Ray Lawson (2)
18/10Evergreen CityGroup B LeagueHome1-5
01/11Freebooters AGroup A LeagueHome3-1Ray Lawson (2), Ellen Molloy
29/11Freebooters WhitesGroup B LeagueHome5-2

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U-12 Girls

DateOppositionCompetitionHome / AwayScore
(TUFC score displayed first)
24/01East End UtdLeagueHome8-4

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